Philosophy and tools

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“Exceed your customers' expectations. Give them what they need and something more.”

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

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We believe that savings must be managed in the effective interest of the people who hold it and not in that of the banks and management companies that manage it.

We believe that financial operators must be remunerated mainly on the basis of the results they obtain and not only to manage the money entrusted to them.

Our philosophy

All this is possible through structures that do not sell shelf products, assembled by an unknown team of financial experts and above all in the interest of who knows who, but structures that seek, within the limits of technical constraints, to use the money of their investor as the investor expects them to do.

All this is rarely possible in the traditional financial world, where the fixed costs of the financial giants impose standardization of processes and the use of shelf products very often prepared more in the interest of the manager than that of the investor, limiting the possibility of customizing the consultancy towards retail investors only to holders of assets entrusted under management in excess of 3 million euros.

An ethical approach

We have condensed this ethical way of "doing" finance into RUN Capital Partners LTD which carries out:
Asset management, financial advisory activities by operating on all asset classes, in some cases directly, in others through partner companies specialized in specific markets. We excel both in the direct evaluation of the forex and commodities market, and in the scouting of niche managers, recognized at the highest European and World levels in their specific sector. Scouting is also done for institutional financial operators who need to identify niche managers to be included in their financial instruments capable of making a difference in some operating contexts.

Proprietary trading that uses futures contracts based on 3 Index, NASDAQ 100-SP500-DAX, and FX and on 3 currency crosses, EURUSD-GBPUSD-USDJPY which, to date, has given exciting results.