Proprietary trading

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Thanks to the skills of its founding partner, RUN CP is one of the few Advisoring companies in the financial world to have a qualified internal trading team on forex and commodities.

Daily attention to the markets

The team is coordinated by Luca Padovan whose models adopted in the trading activity were tested during 2018 and 2019 with extremely positive results.

Due to our team results, Broker Tier1fx ( asked us to take on the role of Technical Advisor, providing them with daily buy and sale signals relating to futures contracts for 3 indexes, NASDAQ 100-SP500-DAX, and FX and 3 currency crosses, EURUSD-GBPUSD-USDJPY.

A transparent operation

From an operational point of view, the investor opens a trading account with the Broker Tier1fx ( by making the payment to the custodian bank identified by the broker (Sparkasse in this case). The RUN CP Trading Team gives daily buy and sell signals to the Broker who executes them on behalf of the investors. The investor through a specific app can daily check the operations done, check the account balance and decide when he wants whether to remain stable, increase the resources available for trading or withdraw.

The trading activity provides for the investor extremely limited management costs and the remuneration for the broker takes place almost exclusively at success fees. In this context, honors and charges are shared with the investor. This means that the investor pays only if the results are positive, according to a clause called High Watermark for which the performance fee that the Broker can charge to the investor is calculated taking into account not only the positive returns, but also any previous losses.

A practical example

Assume that a subscriber invested 10 euro in trading in 2019 and that the share in 2020 has steadily lost value of up to 8 euro. For 2020 evidently there are no performance fees due. Assume that during 2021 the manager reverses the trend, obtaining a positive result that increases the value of the share up bringing it back to the original level of 10 Euros.

Despite the positive result of 2021, the manager won’t request any performance fee as long as, after recovering the losses suffered, the available balance does not exceed the amount originally paid.

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