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Discover RUN Multistrategy

“Exceed your customers' expectations. Give them what they need and something more.”

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

Discover RUN Multistrategy

RUN Capital Partners LTD operates as Financial Advisor for RUN Multistrategy asset management.

A new philosophy

We are different from anyone else because in developing our investment strategies we have chosen to have no limits, if not quantitative ones, in the process of analyzing and selecting the best managers without having to take into account the brand or group logics of belonging.

This allows us to be able to take from the market the best it can offer thanks to a careful scouting activity that is carried out daily, in order to identify small management teams that have adopted our same philosophy of approach to investments and that have demonstrated to have skills, technologies and processes capable of representing something new in the sector in which they operate regardless of the volumes treated. This approach is particularly developed in the Equity part of the RUN Multistrategy management within which RUN CP has partnered with MDOTM which represents one of the best research teams in the European equity sector.

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For professional and institutional investors

RUN CP is also involved in Advisoring activities to be offered to professional and institutional investors in the context of completely tailor-made management able to meet specific requests. This opportunity is given by our managers to investors who entrust them with at least 3 million euros.

RUN Multistrategy’s management goal is to always give positive returns in the medium-long term, adopting an asset allocation logic that mitigates the risk in a more than proportional way compared to the loss in terms of potential absolute performance. For investors who want a more aggressive approach, RUN CP through the Broker Tier1fx, offers the use of signals for a direct Trading activity. The signals are constantly studied and transmitted to the Broker by the RCP team coordinated by Luca Padovan (emerging trader who has distinguished himself in the last two years with results consistently above the benchmark). This strategy allows investors to have a very careful risk management policy taking into account the operational context in which the Management operates and a return that up to now has always been above the benchmark.

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