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Run Capital Partners deeply relies on commitment, professionalism and skills of its human resources in order to offer its clients timely, international advice and a trusting relationship.

Luca Padovan

Founder & CEO

A professional who embodies the propensity for internationalization and finance in his DNA. This mix allows Luca to define himself through profound and constant innovation. International markets such as finance are in fact constantly changing, evolving like Luca in a daily path that aims at the most profound competence of the entrepreneurial world at 360 °.

Cesare Trebeschi


One of his main characteristic is the ability to work in a team thanks to his experience in the field of public administration. Furthermore his experience within the PA and associations (as innovation and special projects manager of Confapi) allowed him both to develop high level leadership skills and to found Polaris Group, in which he’s the chairman. He decided to join the Run Capital Partners project, in which he was one of the founding partners.

Maurizio Caroglio

Senior Partner

He has 30 years of experience in the European financial sector, where he held several roles in leading institutions such as JP Morgan, Pictet and Banca Commerciale Italiana. His years of experience in the field, shape him as an active and dynamic person. He developed advanced skills in dealing with different cultures and nationalities. He prefers a transparent relationship with clients to whom he offers a 100% tailored-made solution.

Luca Gallinelli

Senior Advisor

With 30 years of experience in the financial sector, Luca has collected several senior positions in companies such as Arthur Andersen, IQ/EQ and Intesa SanPaolo Luxembourg. After being on the board of directors of many Luxembourg investment funds, he joined the Run Capital Partners team as a Senior Advisor. His passion for the financial and advisory industry and his experience in the world of alternative investment funds make him perfect for this role.

Milo Guastamacchia

Risk Management Advisor

He joined the Asset Management sector in 2014 as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Compliance Officer for an AIFMD and UCITS Manager authorized in Malta. Former Product Structurer and Marketer within the structured Retail, he was also Project Manager at the technology team of JPMorgan Private Bank in Geneva. He has developed diverse entrepreneurial skills, with valuable exposure to capital raising and strategic planning.

Giovanni Campodall'Orto

Junior Associate

An enterprising young man with a degree in Business and Economics, who is pursuing a master in Markets and Financial Intermediaries. After working as an Analyst at Wealth Route Family Office he joined our team as a Junior Associate. His passion for the markets is strong and is not only limited to the work environment, but also extends to his private interests such as reading and watching movies and TV series.

Alice Pozzobon

Executive Assistant

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, her passion for finance led her to Run Capital Partners as an Executive Assistant in the key role of administrative management and relations with consultants, banks, suppliers and clients. Her experiences abroad and her passion for travel benefit her in the international management of the company, which interfaces with many global entities.

Elena Bernardi

Junior Marketing Specialist

After learning the basics of economics by earning a degree in Foreign Trade her passions pushed her toward specializing in Marketing and Communications. Experience within the Communications sector in the financial world enabled her to acquire several soft skills in the choice of marketing strategy, which is crucial for brand positioning.

Manuel Bernardi

Relationship Manager

After graduating in Political Science, I obtained a master's degree in Economics and several master's degrees in SME management. I trained in Corporate Finance at the Columbia Business School in New York and have always been involved in corporate strategy and management by producing the business plan and financial plan. My goal and assignment is company growth, which is why continuing education is an important part of my business. I am also a network manager.

Ivan Baldini

Relationship Manager

From September 2019 freelance as a business consultant in the finance area specialized in credit research and financial solutions for SMEs, M&A and structured finance transactions, management and development of commercial-industrial synergies between different entrepreneurial realities throughout the national territory.