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“No man is better than a machine. And no machine is better than a man with a machine.”

Paul Tudor Jones

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MDOTM Ltd is the advisor for the RUN Multistrategy discretionary mandate

AI in Investments

Making an investment decision is a complex and thorough process, where an abundance of information needs to be factored in. Artificial Intelligence sifts through this vast amount of information, so managers can depict the relevant data that will successfully guide their investment decisions – thus helping them build more adaptive and holistic investment views and portfolios.

ALICE® – MDOTM’s proprietary AI technology – continuously learns from historical, fundamental, macro and descriptive data how to get a complete view of the market, allowing the investment strategies to adapt to the evolution of financial markets.

AI-driven strategies can be fully tailored according to the investment manager’s needs, investable universe, and constraints leaving full control to the manager for the actual portfolio implementation. Then, the manager benefits from the AI’s inputs, rendering the strategies completely customisable and tailor-made.

How do Run Capital & MDOTM work together?

MDOTM works alongside Run Capital for the multi-asset discretionary mandate. The exposure and risk levels at an asset class and sector level are tailored accordingly to meet Run Capital’s client investment needs.

Continuous collaboration is a key factor to ensure the constant human supervision and enhancement of the investment strategies, this is why Run Capital and MDOTM periodically meet to monitor and improve the RUN Multistrategy discretionary mandate. MDOTM’s team of over 40 physicists, engineers, and finance experts constantly improve the underlying technology, making sure that the portfolio’s Asset Allocation always reflects the current market regime, and the highest level of asset class and geographical diversification.

The Benefits of AI

AI constantly adapts to changes in financial markets by providing forward-looking rebalances

Helps build highly diversified portfolios that can withstand market complexity

Strategies built accordingly to the managers’ needs and constraints

MDOTM: Pioneer of AI in Investments

Since 2015, MDOTM has been pioneering AI-Driven Investments Strategies for Financial Institutions. ALICE® (Adaptive Learning In Complex Environments) – the company’s award-winning proprietary AI technology – exploits changes in market inertia and risk premia to provide robust and reliable investment portfolios. MDOTM is the only European fintech selected for Google’s Silicon Valley acceleration program and became the first AI-driven advisor to sign the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). This year, MDOTM was awarded as one of the top 100 Wealthtech and AI Fintech companies in the world.

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